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All 4 Kidz Enterprises

"It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men"

Fredrick Douglas

The only chance many of today’s students have to learn the traits of solid character is from a caring, committed teacher. Most parents work, thereby leaving a void in the natural care and nurturing of our young people. We depend on outside influences and customs to help fill that void. However, some influences have negatively impacted the lives of our young students. The acquisition of THINGS seems to take precedent over the development of positive relationships.

Teachers everywhere are voicing a concern: far too many of their students do not know the meaning of critical character traits. As a result, a growing number of students are failing in a core subject needed for successful living: solid character. Children learn character traits by watching others. The state of our country is blasted on television every day. There is a litany of national scandals involving politicians to athletes to businesses and the list goes on. Do you think our children are not paying attention? Where are our children learning sound character traits? The answer is disheartening.

The breakdown of appropriate role models certainly is not the only reason for the decline in character development. There are recent trends that are affecting an overall moral decline with our youth: violence, inappropriate language, vandalism, cheating, bullying, disrespect for authority, bigotry, self-centeredness, self-destruction and a decline in civic responsibility. It is quite sad that so many of our children lack solid character.

Realizing that the influences of our environment greatly determine who we are, All 4 Kidz Enterprises have enjoined the fight to infuse positive images and information into the lives of our young people. The fact is that school might be the last beacon of hope for many students. Where else would they be able to grasp the importance of caring about others, being a responsible human-being, kindness, truthful, respectful, wise, ambitious, loyal, optimistic about their lives and many, many more traits? Character traits are learned, so we teach them! Every day they watch the teacher, listen and model his/her every move. Teachers can help develop these critical traits.

Our interactive books, “ARE YOU THAT GIRL?” and “PROUD TO BE ME!”, not only exposes our young people, of all ethnicities, to a world of positive influences, but through the use of reading, writing, coloring, and discussing the concepts presented, they will remember, understand, and apply them to themselves as they journey through life.

Our books join other groups and organizations that are focusing on developing positive attitudes in young people. We hope our twist (includes personal development, healthy living, fun things to do and much, much more), will serve as a spark that will add meaningful, long-lasting acceptance across generations.

Angela E. Davis-Lewis Author

Robert E. Lewis – Educational Consultant